State of despair- Cowboys

A quick look at a team that has not met expectations and is struggling.

What’s gone wrong: Where do you start? Oh, how ’bout losing your star quarterback for at least two months to a broken left clavicle? But that’s just what finished this 1-5 team off for good this season. The Dallas Cowboys were already in a world of hurt before Romo was decked by Giants linebacker Michael Boley on Monday. The offensive line is showing its age, which we should’ve seen coming. Right tackle Marc Colombo’s battling through injuries and left guard Kyle Kosier’s missing time on the field with right a Achilles strain and a right ankle sprain. The Cowboys can’t protect the passer, they can’t run the ball and they’re not able to stop anyone on defense. Other than that, things are going pretty well.

State of Despair

How to fix them: As this point, it’s time to start daydreaming about April’s draft. You can’t fix this current team on the fly and suddenly turn the season around. The Cowboys will be fortunate to finish 5-11 with Jon Kitna and perhaps Stephen McGee at the helm. You could start “fixing” things by getting rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant as many touches as possible. But in reality, this season’s already beyond repair.

Panic rating: Code red: The only reason North Texans haven’t overreacted to the Cowboys’ awful start is because they have the Rangers in the World Series.

Coach on hot seat? Owner Jerry Jones has made it clear that Wade Phillips will not get fired during the season. The Cowboys coach might be saved by a combination of the looming labor battle and Romo’s injury. Those factors could provide Jones with cover if he wants to retain Phillips (and further alienate his fanbase).

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