Louis Vuittont want to use it

As I try to taper off my search for inspiration, I couldn’t help but notice this picture in the Weddingbee DIY section:

Source via Weddingbee DIY

There is something so simple and sweet about the little hanging ampersand between the two chairs. And, it would match perfectly with our table numbers. We aren’t having a bride and groom sign on our chairs, so I thought it would be a new way to still designate our chairs,Louis Vuitton, but without having to make the signs,Louis Vuitton Handbags, since we all know the crafting gene escaped me.

So, I decided to head to Anthropologie and see if I had any luck finding the beloved ampersand. Well, I walked in, got distracted by the sale room and the lovely scent of their signature candle,Authentic Louis Vuitton Bags, but I somehow found my way over to housewares, and there it was, sitting and waiting for me. I picked it up and gasped at the $18 price tag for such a simple thing, but I decided to purchase it anyway knowing that if I didn’t want to use it, I could always return it and find a million other things in the store I would want to buy.

I still can’t decide though: is it worth it? Will it look silly hanging between 2 chairs? Do I really want to keep a metal letter for $18? So, I’ve come to you all. Do I scrap the ampersand idea or keep it?

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